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>> this is "bbc world news ñ#camerica." still searching for a cease- fire. as the violence continues between israelv'!ó+&t)uee,+d0, diplomats intensify their efforts. rebel forces in the democratic republic of congo fuel fears of a civil war. soçfxcla new study suggests t not be alone in hitting the midlife crisis. on public television and america and throughout the globe. in overdrivets art to end the ve between hamas and israel. the egyptian president is vzleading thek&a=ñduií6whñc.é (. he hopes there will be results.
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hillary clinton in jerusalem. attacks have2g0y1e continued ao cease-fire has been announced. >> in/+úw5!h&ajm) gaza, israel'y dipbrqì(lc@&c+ talked. hamas was-óz:."!qmhh8 ing, t zero.all civilians were r cover. gaza after another israeli strike. while thisçkk÷ibñ was going ons and israel claimed to be ready for a truce as long it was kind that could both present as a victory. "tw1÷in the alertsoundedojpjd,b, they s 15 seconds to+>tbl-t,wr"uxjet te shelters before an impact.
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the residents are skeptical about cease-fires because they have seen so many that have not worked. not far away from of the ground forces were shelling gaza. the operation has been supported by its allies so farq"o00 but ty want a cease-:vmfw bloodshed of another invasion. jerusalem forg:>rgmfvñ÷iváazlor cease-fireal [he told the prime minister[wt strongly cautioned aa ground operation/et?zrl which wd only result in further casualties. >> there has been plenty already. two brothers were among the dead at the-
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their mother badly wounded. mw(9í=l much anger or sadness or even surprised about what hasoç happened. ')
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using ruth's israel said would not be attacked. ñ,the villages and refugee cams they left behind were shelled. ; s>3w for more onóu8j the interl efforts in this crisis iw spa brief time ago with the former state department official cambridge, massachusetts. w hillary clinton is inç israel, â÷ engagement in a week.l do? >>;1íh it is clear from her pres conference that the u.s. is hamas fired. vñnjrockets into israel for weeks. a reallyore9l important stock ia
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trip will be in cairo when she meets the egyptian president. on the one hand,1o egyptian government is much hamas and s more clearly with it. pt needsto deserve its relationh thecm  u.s., with europe,b;zw-e i and others. think youwmw2ñ wiy clinton make it clearg2s to the egyptian leadership that they have got toúunm use their influe sq%ei+ ÷ firing rockets. fjc&nñçuwfthey fired aq/ 8j=/m today which is nonsensical given how many pounds of thousands of major objective forthe[v$ secr. >> theárqíwo# israelinn! office expressing that there should be >> m%çit haség f been 643mó ye .
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clearly what has ton,yñl%yz%oákr the cease-fire established, there has to be a big political andkdcc7÷ diplomatic push to tro israelistinians and into to the palestinians are divided xwfó palestinian authority in the ramallah and the+ palestinian leadership in gaza. gw8n>(yjtbk[that is the firstt thegzfq arabs think very carefuy 6 bzabout making%bót$rnrq=s israel and except negotiations and move forward from its negotiation. term.
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clear.i am a strong supportercoe president obama and i think he n foreign policy. there are lotsand of other cris. everyone who has watched over&% the#cc÷ last five or six days, e nu.z killed. éúdw!the brutal and cynical usef níbc 4eopt';istationing the rockets r them. clearly,5#gh the u.n. and the es cease-fire to gete the talks started. it would be very difficult but they have to make that effort nonetheless. e"> group has taken
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theeastern democratic republic f congo. lies on the border9]b with rwan. d6> the rebels openes theysmz entered goma$et4
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defeated. g 2r of battling the rebelswith mn troops. /)
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>> it was carried in the house of bishops and clergy is and lost in the house of liety. >> in the end, it was down to a handful of votes in the late people of the church. then, it was tears for those who hoped that women could become bishops. >> i am shocked. i feel that the house of liety has betrayed the whole country's trust in the church. >> women should not be barred from being in the house of bishops. it is ridiculous to have a boys club of men who make decisions on the church. it does not make sense. >> the no voters did not think that it gave traditionalist enough protection. >> it has nothing to do with winners or losers. we're looking to go forward as a united church. the measure was not going to allow us to do that.
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>> it has been a day of high emotion. it will be years before this issue is debated again. traditionalists are try not to be too triumphant but the reality is that a small vocal minority has prevailed. >> it would be a devastating blow to the morale of many, not least our female clergy. >> this cannot enshrine the logical conviction. if this legislation is not clear, then what hope can there be than a code of practice would ever work? >> it has been 20 years since women were first allowed to become priests in the church of england. after today, the same glass ceiling is firmly in place. it is a big blow to the churches leadership. >> i can understand that feeling of rejection and unhappiness,
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and disillusion that many women would be feeling. i would also say that it is still your church and your voice that matters. >> the archbishop will soon leave a bitter divided church to his successor. healing the wounds and bridging differences will take a long time. they will need all of their skills to navigate a way forward. >> hewlett-packard has posted a multibillion-dollar loss. they believe the company, autonomy, lied about their finances. a brief time ago, i discussed this with ben thompson. how could this happen? >> it really does to seem that the battle lines are drawn between both sides in this. h-p and meg whitman are talking
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about how they were misled apparently in buying the firm. they spent $10.3 billion on autonomy. they have said they were misled about the value and profitability. for its part, mark lynch said that the firm had been mismanaged after h.p. took over the firm. it really does seem that both sides claim that they are right but the dispute has been enough to knock 12% off with the price. >> what does this mean for hewlett-packard? >> hewlett-packard is in a difficult position. meg whitman taking the top job. she is cutting around 29,000 jobs in an attempt to save $3.5 billion. this is because there is a big shift in consumer demand away from traditional desktop pc's.
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that is an area of the market that h-p is not a very dominant in. many have said they have missed the boat and allowed rivals to overtake it. they are in a tough position already. they were misled about this deal. also given to changing market, it was difficult to see how the firm could turn itself around. investors are not convinced it can do that. >> this is not the first bad by force hewlett-packard, is it? >> there has been previous issues. this is the biggest in terms of having to write off an investment. i was at the floor of the new york stock exchange today. investors said they did not see this coming. a big surprise for investors and a big issue for the firm to try to come some -- to some sort of agreement with authorities.
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>> you are watching "bbc world is america," still to come -- robert redford tells us why he is taking on the role looking out for the environment. a court in pakistan has dropped a controversial blasphemy case against a christian girl. the 13-year-old was arrested in august accused of burning pages from the koran and sent to jail for adults. >> this is the last sight of her being taken away under heavy guard. she and her family have been in hiding since then. today's judgment come are rare as it is, is unlikely to change that. it was here in this district that a muslim neighbor accused
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the christian girls of burning pages of the verses. a mob threatens to set her alight. today, local muslims were reluctant to speak on camera. this man told us that the judgment was wrong. christians here are still fearful for themselves and for the girl. her life be at risk if she came back here? >> yes. >> yes, there are dangers. >> no one expects to see her returning to her former home. the case against her has been dropped, that is no guarantee of safety. the authorities say she and her family will continue to receive protection. campaigners say, they will need it. >> they will never be able to go back to their community for their city. they may not be able to go back
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to their families. their immediate family may never be able to visit them because someone might be lying in wait for them. trial is over,s her ordeal is not. >> he has received two oscars, founded his own film festival, and maybe even have been -- and has been awarded a french knighthood. now, robert redford has spoken out. the impact of climate change is gaining new attention. will it spur action? recently, we sat down with him and los angeles to hear why he is taking up this cause. >> of hollywood legend is one of the most vocal conservationists. he told me that an obama second
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term offers hope for the planet but his native southern california is not what used to be. >> i grew up in los angeles at a time and was a very beautiful city. it was just at the end of the second world war and there was spaces in between the communities. there was spaces and the spaces or green. the air was fresh and clean. all of which we took for granted. pavement and concrete and skyscrapers were being developed and the space in between began to get closed off by concrete and pavement and what came with it, bad air, more cars. >> you did not see that as progress? >> i did not. i saw it as loss. >> what impact do you think that sandy has had on the climate change conversation? >> in some cases, it started the
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conversation. in other cases, increased the conversation. it has put the deniers on the offensive. you see it bloomberg, gov. christie coming together. something changed. it was provoked by this horrible of the end. maybe it is a sign that something is about to happen that is more positive. >> do you have confidence in obama's second term that climate change will be more of an issue? >> it was not. sadly, it was not an election issue and it was not much of a campaign issue at all. certainly not on the republican side because they are on the denial side of things. now, you can look forward to this next time with obama with a lot of hope but he will have to step off of the center stripe and take a position that he can put teeth behind. >> america is now producing
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more than ever before. by 2020, it will be self- sufficient. there is no real shift away from fossil fuels. >> it will not happen too soon. it will still be a while. we are chipping away at the need to move off of the non renewable energy sources that pollute and hurt our health. >> is chipping away enough? >> it is not as good as a sledgehammer. it is all that we have. it will take a while because we're so addicted to this. look at the power that these companies have. the look at television, you see ads that talked about how wonderful the new energy is coming from coal. how wonderful this new thing coming from gas. they just sell you on the idea. basically, advertising and the money that goes behind it, most of that money comes from these
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big and accompanies that i think are polluting. >> can someone like you, you have a very well known name, can you take them on. >> i doubt it. i used to go up against mobil oil. it usually went in the same way. >> thithis guy is an actor. that one held until reagan. i did. it did not solve the whole problem. i do not know that i will change much. you just do what you can do. >> now, if you indulge in impulse shopping, extreme makeover, this will help your career. this is the well-known symptom of well life crisis. researchers say that
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chimpanzees and great apes suffer from the same problem. they study the animals from around the world and came up with fascinating results. >> in humans, the phenomenon of midlife crisis is well known. men get themselves a new sports car, women might go for a makeover, but no one really knows what triggers this change in behavior. now, new research shows that a peace undergo the same thing. wereeds of zookeeper's surveyed about the well-being of animals in their care. the results showed that the eighth half way through their lives were the least happy. the observation is important because it shows that midlife crisis might have evolved and so might even have a positive biological role. >> if you are dissatisfied with life, you'll want to do something about it. at that point, it what you are
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chimpanzee, a ragged tent, you might be at the top of your game in terms of the resources you have, your status. it might be a good time to push yourself and to strike out and be more bold than you normally would be. >> in the natural world, the midlife crisis might make improvements. the question is, whether the same might also be true in humans. >> will apes start buying fast cars? remember, you can find constant updates on our website. be sure to check out our facebook page. for all of us here, thank you for watching. see you back here tomorrow.
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